10 Sign's Your Dog is Bored- and what you can do for them.

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10 Signs your Dog is Bored

 Bored Dog's will make their own fun and not in the way's we always want!

Scenario; You walk in the door, you find a very excitable dog greeting you a the door. Walking through the house you find your lounge cushions chewed to shreds! More than likely your Dog was just Bored and found some light entertainment in the lounge cushion, but that's not the only sign your best friend is Bored.

Sign's your Dog is Bored,

  1. Chewing*- whatever they can get their teeth into pass the time!
  2. Digging- creating landmines in your backyard.
  3. Over Excitement- Jumping up at the owner and visitors.
  4. Excessive Barking- barking at nothing for long periods.
  5. Obsessive Scratching with no medical reason.
  6. Obsessive Chewing/Licking with no medical reason.
  7. Destructive Behaviour-ripping apart household items.
  8. Escaping behaviour- taking themselves for a walk.
  9. Restlessness- Pacing unable to be calm(energy to burn).
  10. Attention seeking- nudging for attention.

*Separation Anxiety should also be ruled out, if your dog is showing destructive and clingy behaviours and becomes distressed when left alone seek advice from a professional dog trainer/behaviourist or your Vet.

*Chewing can also be related to a Teething Puppy, so if your Puppy is teething be sure to provide them with safe alternatives that they can chew!

Now, what we can do to help our Dog/s,

Exercise Exercise Exercise! I said it 3 times because it truly is the most important part of helping your Dog. Daily exercise is a MUST. Depending on your Dog's breed will decide what kind of exercise and how long you should exercise, for example working breeds like the Border Collie, Cattle dog and Kelpie would require a lot more exercise than your Toy Breeds like Shih-Tzu, Pug or Chihuahua. Putting that into perspective a working farm dog can travel up to 80km in a day! If unsure speak to your vet about how much exercise your breed of dog needs.

A dog that receives adequate exercise should generally be more content, a tired dog will be less destructive and so on. If you are a fulltime worker I strongly recommend exercising your dog prior to you leaving for work, this will make them happier and more content while your away. 

When you take your dog for a walk make time for them to have that all important sniff around, give there nose a workout too!

Next importantly is training your dog, not only will they learn manners and how to behave and interact in this human world they will also enjoy stimulation and interaction with you and working their brains by learning.

Games with you and your dog like fetch is great at burning some energy or hide and seek (can be done with you or treats for them to find around the house or yard).

Lastly I strongly recommend environmental enrichment tools like Puzzle Toys, Treat dispensers and Toys.

  • Puzzle Toy's will get their brains working.
  • Treat dispensers will keep them entertained for long periods and provide them will a challenge of getting those yummy treats out! Chewing and licking can have a calming affect on your dog.
  • And what dog doesn't love a good Toy be it Squeaky, Plush or Balls. Tip- Keep the Toys on a rotation to keep your Dog interested.
Written by The Doggy Bag

    NOTE: This Article is for information purposes only and should not replace professional advice.


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