Slow Feeders, Treat Dispensers and Puzzle Toy's

Slow feeders and treat dispensers and Puzzle Toy's are great for dogs that need to slow down when they eat, also providing enrichment for dogs that suffer with behavioral issues caused by anxiety or boredom, the motion of chewing and licking can have a calming affect on your dog. The challenge of getting the food from treat dispenser/ slow feeder's is time consuming and entertaining for your Dog and is a sure Boredom Buster!!!

*Please choose Slow Feeders, Treat Dispensers or Puzzle Toy's that are size appropriate for your dog, if you are unsure please contact us by Email:

*Always supervise your pet during play with Toy's, eating treats, using Treat Dispenser's, Slow Feeders or Puzzle Toy's. Remove any item's if they become damaged or broken to avoid injury. Your pet should always have fresh water available at all times.

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