Puppy Services

New Puppy owners, Get Expert Advice and Behaviour Consultations!

Sarah Roberts, Clinical Animal Behaviourist from puppy essentials will share her wealth of knowledge and experience to help guide you through the puppy stages and set you both up for success!

Sarah offers many different puppy packages depending on your needs. Sarah also provides problem behaviour consultations pending a referral from a vet( to rule out any medical conditions causing the behaviour).

From Sarah's website;

"Investing in your puppy at the very start is probably the single most effective thing you can do to safeguard their future - as well as your sanity!  Having the correct knowledge and skills from the start will be the most effective way to prevent any behaviour problems from taking hold, it is also far easier (and cheaper) to invest your time and money earlier on, than it is to try and deal with a well-established behaviour problem, some of which have the potential to become quite serious. I try to offer a range of puppy services to suit your individual needs. Most sessions can be carried out online, however, if you are within 15km of Fremantle, home visits can be arranged"

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Website: https://www.puppyessentials.com.au/

Email: sarah@puppyessentials.com.au

Ph: +61 457 630 725