M-Pets Brainy Games Einstein Level 3
M-Pets Brainy Games Einstein Level 3
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M-Pets Brainy Games Einstein Level 3

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Take your pups brain games to the next level (Literally) with Level 3 Brainy Games Interactive Puzzle Toy. Featuring 10 holes to place those yummy treats and 16 Sliders.  Simply pop your choice of tasty treats in the holes and under the white treat covers, move the sliders over the treats and watch as your pup shows you how smart they are. The white treat covers can move along the channel to the circle where your pup will be able to access the treat. Comes with an anti-slip base.

Level 3 is for those pups who have mastered 1&2 levels


  • Level 3 puzzle toy Difficult level
  • Comes with 10 holes and 16 sliders
  • Helps fight boredom
  • Brain training for your dog.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Dimensions: 29.5cm x 29.5cm.

*Supervise your pet. This is not a chew toy, Remove if it becomes damaged or broken.