The Doggy Bags Entertainer Dog Toy and Treat Bundle for bored dogs. All Barks Bush Sticks Australia Made Dog Treats, Crinkle squeaky Octopus Dog Toy, GiGwi Ball Medium, GiGwi Bulb Treat Dispenser, LickiMat Slow Feeder for Dogs. Great Gift idea for Dogs.
"The Entertainer" Dog Toy and Treat Bundle For Medium Dog's
"The Entertainer" Dog Toy and Treat Bundle For Medium Dog's
"The Entertainer" Dog Toy and Treat Bundle For Medium Dog's
The Doggy Bag's Crinkle squeaky Octopus Dog Toy
All Barks Bush Sticks Dog Treats Australian Made
"The Entertainer" Dog Toy and Treat Bundle For Medium Dog's
"The Entertainer" Dog Toy and Treat Bundle For Medium Dog's
The Doggy Bag

"The Entertainer" Dog Toy and Treat Bundle For Medium Dog's

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"The Entertainer" Doggy Bag for Medium Dog's is suitable for Medium breed dog's and is made for those Dog's that need a bit more stimulation. Slow feeders and treat dispensers are great for dogs that need to slow down when they eat, also providing enrichment for dogs that suffer with behavioral issues caused by anxiety or boredom, the motion of chewing and licking can have a calming affect on your dog. 

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"The Entertainer Includes;

  • 1 x LickiMat Buddy. (Colour Chosen at Random)
  • 1 x GiGwi Bulb Medium Red.
  • 1 x GiGwi Ball Medium.
  • 1 x Crinkle/Squeaky Plush Octopus(Colour chosen at random).
  • 1 x All Barks Bush Sticks Treats 110g.
  • "The Doggy bag" Eco Friendly Backpack FREE!
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LickiMat Buddy -This is a great tool to use for dog's that need to redirect their licking. Can be used at meal times for dog's that need to slow down when they eat or just simply as a snack. A useful resource when crate training or grooming. Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm. Comes in Purple, Green, Orange, Blue. Colour Chosen at Random.

GiGwi Bulb Medium- This is a super Tough Rubber treat dispenser, put your dog's favourite treat inside and they will be entertained for hours. Useful for busy dog's that need extra stimulation and a challenge. Can also be used as a chew toy. Dimension: H-11cm x W-7cm.

GiGwi Ball Medium- This extra Tough Ball made with TPR Technology is lightweight so it floats, internal squeaker and external grooves give it an erratic bounce to excite. Diameter 6cm.

The Doggy Bag Crinkly/Squeaky Octopus- Colour chosen at Random, comes in Green, Blue, Pink/Purple, Orange/Yellow. The Octopus has eight Crinkle sounding legs and a  squeaking Head which will be sure to arouse! Soft plush exterior make this the perfect little Friend for your Dog. Dimensions: L-32cm.

ALL BARKS Aussie Made Bush Sticks Dog Treats are a natural blend of Kangaroo and Venison meat. These yummy chews can be rewarded as a whole or snapped in half. Packed full of yummy benefits and great for teeth and gums.

The Doggy Bag- Your Goodies comes packed in this FREE Eco Friendly Backpack, Measuring 30cm x 40cm a great size for taking on your Doggy Adventures!

*Always supervise your Dog when playing with Toy's and eating Treat's, remove any Toy's which become broken or damaged. Refer to the individual toy dimensions to see if this bag is right for your dog. Balls that are too small for your dog may pose a choking hazard.

*Your pet should have fresh water available at all times!

Add some Doggylicious Doggy Butter Original or Calming to add to your LickiMat!